VersaPro V900 Vinyl Gloves, AMS, Powder Free, 100/bx

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  • AMS anti-microbial technology is the cost-effective agent highly successful at killing and preventing future growth of certain bacteria and harmful fungi
  • Epa registered anti-microbial agents
  • Natural & completely safe for individual use
  • Completely safe- non-carcinogenic – non-allergenic
  • DINP/DOP/DEHP free

Diagnostics Direct is delighted to announce the introduction of our new AMS anti-microbial gloves for food service. These new state-of-the-art gloves provide a "built-in" anti-microbial protection that last the life of the product. The AMS technology is actually built into the Polyvinyl Chloride film of the food service glove, thus it is durable and will last the life of the glove. Because this technology is part of the polymer, it is highly effectively against bacteria and fungi and can greatly reduce the occurrence of living organisms being transferred from the glove to another item, especially food items. In order to Explain how our AMS technology works, it is necessary to understand what anti-microbial's are and how they work. Anti-Microbial is a broad term that refers to any compound, including antibiotics, sanitizers, disinfectants, a number of food preservatives and other substances that acts to inhibit the growth of or kill microorganisms. The AMS technology attacks bacteria and inhibits the growth of microorganisms by using an electro-chemical mode of action to penetrate and disrupt their cell walls. When the cell walls are penetrated, leakage of metabolites occurs and other cell functions are disabled, thereby preventing the microorganism from functioning or reproducing. In terms of the effect against fungi, the antifungal agent depolarizes the membrane electro-potential and inhibits the cell from splitting under mitosis. Yet another benefit has been a softer, silkier feel in vinyl food service and examination gloves with the integration of our technology.
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