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*Register for "My Account" will create your profile and enable efficient shopping; your order lists, history, and payment center.

Orders ship within 5 business days

*once we verify & approve your order within 24 hours, your order will ship within 5 business days.

Sales Tax Exemption

*only orders being shipped to an Ohio delivery location will incur sales tax charges on our site. (All Ohio government agencies will automatically receive Exempt Status and if by-passing our office setup on your initial order, we will remove the sales tax before approving and charging your card.) Ohio businesses that are Tax-Exempt; send us an Exemption Certificate and your account will never incur sale tax charges on our site. For form, click Sales Tax Exemption Certificate .

*all other states are automatically Tax-Exempt and will never incur sales tax charges.


*if an item becomes unavailable we will ship your order incomplete and communicate with your preference of keeping or cancelling the backorder item with us.

*You will not be charged for any items that are backordered.


Credit / Debit Cards

*the checkout only preauthorizes the amount of the sales order and your card will be charged only after your sales order is confirmed shipped. (you will never be charged more than your preauthorization, only possibly less) (If shipping address is different than the cardholder's billing address, we will need to verify before orders are released; first time only).


*you will be redirected to your PayPal account for checkout and will only be charged when your sales order is confirmed shipped.

ACH / EFT (Echeck)....................(available upon request)

*we will email your sales order which has a merchant ACH / EFT payment hyperlink attached for convenient payment. (This process can take longer than 7 days due to the verification of your of your account and our bank confirmation; first time only)

Venmo..........................................(available upon request)

*we will email a copy of your sales order for your review; send a Venmo payment to @DiagnosticsDirect and we will confirm with an emailed paid copy of your sales order.

Open Credit Billing Terms.................(available upon request)

*once your credit application has been approved by our office, select terms ("Open Billing Terms" in the payment drop-down) on your account's checkout.

*for form click Credit Application (once received the approval process can take up to 14 days; first time only).

*past due balances are subject to a monthly 3.5% finance charge. NSF fee of $45.00 will be applied to any returned checks.